House of Cards: Season Finale!

Bittersweet ending to my weekly meetings with this other world in the politics. Oh, how I’ll miss it. Hopefully Season 2 premiers before Scandal’s winter season finale.

The final episode opens with Frank breaking a leaky faucet. When Claire ask’s why he said because it wouldn’t shut up. I immediately assumed the faucet could represent his conscience. But I couldnt figure out whether it was a guilty conscience or jujst one of defeat fore he still was not chosen to be Vice President since the last episode.

In other news, Zoe and Lucas are moving forward with their relationship. Yay! Despite her being a little cold towards him , he still is willing to stick by her side. Which is why he is willing to assist Zoe and Janine as they investigate Frank Underwood and associate.

When Lucas comes across the details of the arrest that Paul was cleared of I was like “oh shoot, all hell is about to break loose”. Zoe being the great journalist she has grown to be, chooses to risk dealing with death threats and harassment. She even goes as far as going to Rachel’s old school counselor to gain details.

Meanwhile, all hell is breaking loose for Claire and Frank psychologically, as she shares her haunting dream of Paul’s children to Frank and he shares that Frank haunts his thoughts as well. Is Claire’s dream symbolizing her longing for children? But, if nothing stopped Frank before, guilt sure won’t.

Continuing his quest, he’d ask Remy to speak to Scott Cunningham to not back Tusk as the next Vice President. When Remy fails to do so, he flew out to Atlanta to meet with him directly. He tells him Tusk will back nuclear energy instead of natural gas and put the company at risk. Scott Cunningham is still not willing.

Frank and Linda have become a new dynamic duo. He asks if there is someone in the scheduling department that can be let go. Frank leaks the schedule for who is to visit the White House, by sending it over to Zoe, who sends it over to Janine. Press swarmed around who they believe to be the next candidates for Vice Presidency, Birch and Tusk.

“We are losing control of the process,” says Tusk to President Walker.
But what is the process? Is it to give Underwood the position but with what conditions? Because Frank still won’t comply with his offer either.

When Zoe and Rachel finally meet she acts clueless, for viewers to find out she was promted by Doug what to say. ZOee says she’ll write about her being a prostituite, Russo/s mistress and a runaway.

Doug tells her it will all go away soon. Next season I have a feeling Zoe is a walking target. Her fate may even be death because of how much her revelations can cost Frank.

Raymond Tusk invades Frank’s favorite rib spot to discuss the offer he gave Frank. But Frank being the stubborn yet smart man that he is, flips the script so that he is needed and gets the loyalty he wants.

Meanwhile Zoe, Lucas and Janine put the pieces of the puzzle together and boom, hell just froze over. They figured out Frank Underwoods motives and why he did the things he did. It all started with being passed up for being Secretary of State. But now that they know this, I have a feeling it more dangerous, than beneficial for the group.

After this long jounrey, and yes I felt like I was apart of this journey, Frank Underwood is asked to become Vice President of the United States! Of course he accepts.

This journey was exhausting, I literally sighed with relief.
Not because the semester is finally almost over but he finally got what he wanted. Or did he?

Frank plans to put Meechum on as his secret service agent as repayment for his loyalty. Mean while, Doug meets with Christina and asks if she was being completly honest about her Zoe Barnes meetings, She begins to confess. At that point I begin digging Zoe’s hypothetically grave. My poor Zoe.

I definitely love how it ended, Claire invited Frank to go on her run with her. The ones she usually goes on by herself. Together they run off into the dark night. It can be symbolizing the new life they are running into together. But as the end scene progresses, Claire falls out of the frame and its just Frank running alone. Will he be the last man running?


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