House of Cards: Chapter 12

Im still not over Peter’s death and neither is Christina and Paul. But Christina is cold as ice. She looks like she has not had time to greave. But in the world of politics, the show must go on. Christina asks Paul to run for Peter’s vacant seat in congress. But he feels it is too soon, since it has only been a month.

Linda, Frank & President Walker interview “potential Vice President candidates”. Linda & Frank purposely put together a list of people they knew the president would not be to fond of. Putting that list together, left a window open for Linda to throw Frank’s name out there as a potential.

But Walker had other plans. He suggests a billionaire from St. Louis, Raymond Tusks, to be a candidate but he needs a little convincing. Frank volunteers to be the one to go speak with him. I knew off the back he would go with intentions to play mind games with this candidate and attempt to get him to reject this opportunity.

I’ve often heard once you’ve reached the very top, the only place to go is back down”.
Janine reveals to Zoe she knows Frank is her source and will investigate furthur. Her investigation can possibly take down Zoe, which I feel is her reason for investigating as well, by retracing his steps.

While Frank is using his kill them with kindness tactics. He finds out Tusks & President Walker actually know each other. He then questions “I’m getting played but why?”

Since President Walker and Tusks are coming from far, he values his opinion and would be the one to determine if Frank could get the position.

I always knew Frank did not like to be out of control but for Walker to kind of make Frank apart of his plan is interesting. Maybe the president has a plan to take Frank Underwood out by giving him a little power or saving his seat by keeping the enemy close. But who knows because we still don’t know the deal Tusks wanted to make with him.

Meanwhile Zoe begins to try to put together everything that has happened leading up to this point. But fears what revealing it can do. One of her main target is Peter Russo’s girlfriend Christina, asking her to remember what happened on the 24th of January. Will that cause Zoe’s plan to put the pieces together to be halted by Frank?


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