House of Cards Chapter 11

I don’t even know where to start with this episode. But, it definitely made my heart a little heavy.

Frank is up to no good as usual. His plan continues to move forward. Peter has relapsed. I feel like that was Frank’s plan all along, to build up the underdog then tear him down. It’s evident when he proposes for the Vice President to run for governor, instead of helping Peter. I almost thought Frank was going to say he wanted to governor but that would be considered too small for him.

Frank calls Zoe over, and at the end of their visit, he ends their affair by asking to simplify their relationship. She agrees so that she would seem weak. I loved how Zoe was able to satisfy her conscience’s need for revenge against Claire’s intrusion last chapter.

She puts on Claire’s dress (compares it to steel) and even messes up her side of the bed to let her know she was there. Although slightly heart broken, she’ll probably sleep better in her grungy apartment.

But who would’ve thought Linda would be the first outside person to call Frank out on his games. She knows he only got her son into the school, so that she’ll have to return the favor one day.

“I must gamble everything i have right now. If I’m honest, she may use it against me. If I’m not, she won’t life a finger. I’ve used this same tactic myself. Once someone is exposed, they’re at your mercy.” – Frank Underwood

I thought it was all over now. But Frank’s word play and mind games won’t allow that too happen. Besides that would be too easy.

Peter seemed at his wits end. His children were being kept from him, he absolutely lived for them. He even attempted to get a clean slate, kind of a way to break his deal with the devil by turning himself in for the drunk driving incident. But the officer phones Frank instead.

Frank sees a similarity between him and Peter, being that both childhoods were not that great. Frank tells him he’s braver than him for producing children, etc. Peter seems exhausted but not just one long night of drinking exhaustion but a long life exhaustion.
Frank tells him to close his eyes and let it all go. That he does, as he took his last breath. I fought back tears.

He was really one of the few characters, that us viewers would connect with. He was broken and needed redemption and as soon as he was on track to it, it was pulled right from under him. *sigh*

(Rest In Peace Peter 😦 Maybe he’ll come back as a ghost and haunt Frank next season or is that too supernatural for this kind of show?)

Frank made sure he was not tied to this death, he cleaned the crime scene of his DNA quickly. Plus side, Peter’s death got his wife to come back home. I don’t think Claire willingly left Adam, but duty called or text, in this case.


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