House of Cards: Chapter 9

Francis’ house is a little unstable again. But, every time he loses stability, he gets it back almost immediately. He’s the “you’ll see me stumble but never fall type”. Zoe begins to contemplate her relations with him. With her contemplations, there is bound to be a major disturbance in their alliance and it’s all because of Janine and Zoe’s growing friendship. Janine reveals that she once had relations with a congress man and it does not end well. Maybe she see saw so much of her old self in Zoe, although Zoe will not confess it to her.

When she decides to run a little late for her meeting with Frank, he becomes upset and goes back home to play his video games. Lately he has been displaying a hint of jealousy. It’s confusing. Is he feeling her slip from his firm grip? I think he does, and so does Zoe because she tells him she wants end her affair with him and keep the work relationship, only. He nonchalantly accepts her decision by saying “I don’t punish people for making adult decisions”. But as she leaves he says, “She was never more than a faint blip on my radar. We served each other’s purpose. If she wants to be an adult, see how she can fly once she leaves the nest.”

Claire is finally beginning to voice her feelings, in reference to her thinking all her goals come second to Franks’. Little did Frank know, she was about to put herself first. Upon meeting with Remy and asking for them to consider their offer for CWI, he says they’ll make an offer if The Watershed Bill fails. Frank arranges Claire’s meeting with Vanderburgh and Abrams, and assumes automatically that their vote was in. Instead, Claire tells them to vote for what they feel is right (which means vote no, so I can get that sponsorship) and that they did! To everyone, in the room, except Claire’s, surprise, the bill fails! Claire is beginning to defy Frank. But what will that mean for their partnership? Will Frank find out she convinced them to vote against the bill? Is this foreshadowing the fall of all his allies or puppets (as I like to call them)?


One thought on “House of Cards: Chapter 9

  1. This post is late but good. I think that you should have put more of own thoughts on the episode into the post. Also, no spelling or grammatical errors, so nice work.

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