House of Cards Chapter 10



During our in class discussion on House of Cards, one of my classmates said, about Frank, that viewers feel a kind of intimacy with him because we know what’s going on, like he confides in us. As my classmate said it, it was like that moment of realization, like yes! That’s definitely how it feels. It’s like he can’t do wrong.

Zoe tells Francis that Claire is the reason why the bill failed. But he will not believe it! Especially since Zoe is feeding him information in exchange for information. Now she is starting to play the game. Frank gets confirmation from Vanderburgh and Abrams and confronts Claire. Claire confesses she did tell them to vote what they want too and that it was to get the investment from Remy and SanCorp. In the mix of all of this, she confesses her feelings again, about not feeling equal, and being used like everyone else for his benefits.

            Peter calls Frank to complain about the bill not following through and his campaign being lost to empty promises and threatens to reveal everything to the public. Frank warns him about consequences that could suffice. But Peter wouldn’t back down, “If you destroy me, you destroy yourself.” His top game pieces are not making the right moves; I can see the house of cards collapsing with every minute

The biggest slap in the face for Frank was Claire’s departure after her impromptu “invasion” of Zoe’s apartment. Frank could not find Claire, no phone calls, no emails, etc. Claire turns out to be in New York with the handsome Adam. They observe a picture of her sleeping taken at 7:00am she says she’s “always slept so well in this apartment.” Going back Frank says during his monologue that at 7am Claire would be going for her morning run. It can be said Claire is restless in her home, uninterested and not in love.

            During his campaign trail, Peter meets a hotel worker named Rachel, who comes on strong, drunk and lustfully. She will be the one to make him relapse into his drunk, adulterous ways and causing him to bomb his phone interview about the new plans to help his people. Is this apart of Frank’s plan to destroy him? Maybe not fore he says “It takes 10 second to crush a man’s ambitions, I need to take care and protect mine.”

Things are getting extremely hectic and this has by far been my second favorite episode. To me this is the climate, the high point of the show. Maybe it’s because I see the weaklings beginning to step up to the plate even if it’s against Frank’s plans.


“Rebellion on all fronts, Claire, Zoe, Russo; I must not lose my resolve. I will march forward even if I have to do so, alone.”



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