House of Cards: Chapters 7&8

Finally! Frank Underwood gets the recognition he has so desperately been seeking. Is this card game over? As humans we all like to be recognized for our hard work. But with rising power, someone is losing power. There is an underdog for every alpha dog. These chapters are filled with secrets revealed, reunions and even more revelations. But I know it’s the least of the secrets yet to come.

Last blog I was trying to figure out the symbolism of the origami birds. Claire is shown streaming a tutorial from her IPod on how to create the origami birds. Later in the chapter Frank asks her if it’s a new hobby but she calls it an interest. She has a new interest in this origami swans. But why is it that interesting?

Douglas Stamper, Frank’s right hand, joins Rachel at a diner. Rachel was the young lady who Peter was arrested with for the DUI. She had plans of outing Peter and possibly jeopardizing his future campaign. But all she wants is help so Stamper reluctantly will help her. For some reason maybe he feels some kind of connection to her. Maybe it’s an awkward daughter/father complex.

Meanwhile Peter undergoes numerous drills about his past. Quite obviously he is not ready to face them and as a defense mechanism lashes out. But he has to get it right because the press will not go easy on him. Everyone can tell he lacks the motivation he needs, since at that point everyone who was once with him seems against him. Frank convinces Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Christina, to reconcile with Peter. Yes! Is it weird to have a bit of hope and sympathy for the adulterous, alcoholic and drug abuser? I guess when I put it that way. Christina encourages him to face his past.

Another love story almost sparked up between Zoe and her ex co-worker Lucas. But Zoe declines despite the passionate kiss they shared, by saying she isn’t in the “right place”. From his car, Frank watches, with an unreadable facial expression. I was not sure if it was jealousy on his face or a smirk of satisfaction. When will Zoe be in the right place? We probably won’t know because according to Frank, they’re all trapped by their secrets.

When Christina encourages Peter to face his past, he takes her advice and goes back to his home town. That reveals a lot about who he is, well was, and why he is who he is now. Frank goes back to his college, The Sentinel, a military based college. With a couple of strings pulled and big investments, a library is built and named in his Frank Underwood’s honor.

“How quickly poor grades are forgotten, in the shadow of power and wealth.”

On his campus Frank and his old quartet members break in to the old school library like they used too, very drunk of course. In a conversation with one of his guy friends, it is revealed they were close friends, brothers, possible ex-lovers?!?! I had to pick my jaw up when the friend said they fooled around a couple times.

Amongst the minor secrets revealed about him included Frank was in a quartet, Remy was his press secretary at one point and he wasn’t necessarily the honor student turned congressman.

            Peter’s visit home is opened with him visiting his mother, who has brain cancer. Her attitude towards him is cold and distant yet he still tries pleasing her in every little way. Could that negligence be what turned him to drugs and alcohol? He feels defeated but is there on a mission, and that’s to get things right before his campaign begins. But he needed his people’s support. Angry town’s people yelled and argued about him not standing up for them, and losing their jobs have affected their family. They walk out, without remorse.

            But with the help of his old friend Paul, after their scuffle, he gets the people of the factory to come down to the bar and hear him out one more time. After a few, hesitantly, they decided to comply and give him a chance. Things were falling into place for Peter or Frank, who ever shall benefit more.

            The greatest part of Episode 8 is the conversation between Peter and his mother. For the first time she showed some kind of emotion. At first a concerned mother, then spins it around to humor.

What happened to your hand?

I got into a fight?

Did you win?

Yeah, I guess I did.

That’s my Peter!


When he says fight, he more than likely is referring to the multiple fights he was facing. His mother only acknowledges her son the winner, not the son who keeps himself down and self-loathes.

I’ve noticed over the past few episodes how lighting can make a difference in what you are viewing. When Claire and Frank are in a scene together, especially in their house, the air seems really intense; the lighting seems dark and gray. But when they get around their others, Zoe and Adam, the lighting seems brighter and their personalities are so much livelier. Some times I think think they’re are more business partners than life/love partners.


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